About Us

Our Story

Steampunk Juice was founded in 2017 at the Tomball Farmers Market, where every Saturday we hauled our citrus juicer to share our fresh squeezed orange juice with the community.  SPJ was one of the first companies created and launched by The Renewal Center (TRC), a local nonprofit ministry that helps those in search of recovery support, belonging, and spiritual healing so they may grow and thrive while experiencing the love of God. 

We believe the love we have for our community shines through our products. Whether it’s one of our 100% cold-pressed juice blends, signature ades, or the out-of-this-world Cosmic Reality shot, Steampunk Juice Company wants you to know you are always getting the very best and because of your purchase you are a part of the good things we do for the community! 

SPJ is not only committed to providing our customers with 100% juice products that are innovative and seasonal, with only the best ingredients, but committed to a business that speaks to the heart of The Renewal Center’s mission. Together we strive to cultivate a community that promotes love and support for one another never turning away someone in need. We are continuing to grow and share this goodness with our hometown and make a difference in the community around us. 


Aaron Edwards
Executive Director, Pastor

Kelly Hall
Human, Director, Chaplain

Anita Edwards
Re:Bar General Manager

Our Mission - The Renewal Center

TRC is a place that facilitates hope, healing, and restoration. We have come to believe that each of us has something to offer and something to receive when it comes to the building of faith, wisdom, and belief.